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Bilder von Madchen in Windeln Pictures of girls in diapers
Windel Marcel This blog is NSFW and intended for viewers of legal age to view explicit material as determined by your local jurisdiction (usually 18 or 21 years old). Chubbys and Diapers all i like
Nerdity, Gaming, and Diapers This is for where my vanilla life intersects with my fetish world. I am a nerd, gamer, SF lover, and an AB/DL. No children are involved. NSFW / 18+.
winterfreshbreast AB/DL blog, NSFW, You must be 18 years or older to view.
Wittle Sissy Baby Pictures and Captions of Sissies being diapered, feminized, and humiliated in all sorts of ways! All pictures have been found across the internet. None of these are my own. All subjects presented in this blog are assumed to be consensual and containing...
Daddy/DL AB/DL/DaddyI'm in my 20's and Male from TN.Just looking for Role Play with a mommy/AB, DL female.
Diaper- and Pantyhoselover I wear diapers, tights and pantyhose, but I'm neither a baby nor a woman...
Xmace Retired Moderator of the Diaper board on SAFF. Created this tumblr to let other ABDL lovers to maby discover places/sites/ABDL stuff they didn't know about already and also discover things I didn't know :-) To let you know what genre of abdl I like; I'm a...
Yay diapers hi, I'm Felix. I like diapers. a lot. ;-) I'll also occasionally post other things on here that I think are cool. I'll even occasionally post pics from my garden, kitchen, or freezer, because I am more than my kinks. :-)
Infancy Infinite WARNNING! THIS IS AN ABDL BLOG 18+ Only Scroll no further if you're opposed Hi there, I'm a Hetero ABDL. College Student. This blog includes Female ABDl's, Spanking, Sexy Asses, and typical tumblr humor. My Kik is @MrTakeYourGirl2.0
I Am A Childish Bitch From the moment you woke up this morning to the day you finally go to the big sleep. The real obsession is beauty. Cuteness is so amazing. I am an ageplay obsessed girl whom has way too much perversion its like masturbating in a cup and then convincing...
You Need Diapers Diaper punishment captions blog. I like to post pictures with my fantasy captions. I love spankings and Diaper punishment. I have a Fetlife account its youneeddiapers talk to me on there if you want to chat!
AbsoluteLunacy A blog about ABDL, BDSM, Old-fashioned discipline and Cats.
YRU3 Fake diaper pics.
Yuki X Secret Ageplay/DDlg/Little Space/Petplay
Zoro Daddy I'm a Daddy, writer, & night owl. These are the images of a concept, a mindset, a fantasy, a reality and a lifetime.
Zurg's World --- Diapers, the best way to let the stress away of your life. --kik: zurg73