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Tuxedo: Diaper Lover I am a D/L, a college graduate, and a fairly cool person who just wants to talk about how great the community and lifestyle has been for me. I have a loving wife who got into diapers because of me and now we are able to share this lifestyle.
Twinkbaby I am a 21 year old twink from Northglenn, Colorado. My ask is always open. On this blog, you can expect to see cute guys, lots of nappies and ABDL content, and furries. I'm also interested in piss play, pup play, slave and BDSM, and chastity.I reblog...
TylerABDL I am a 21 year old college student. I am into diapers and girls in diapers. Looking for a mommy, perhaps we can alternate mommy/daddy roles. kik: TylerABDL Diaper Girls
Uk Diapergirls The home of diaper girls Website: ukdiapergirls.com Twitter: @ukdiapergirls Tumblr: ukdiapergirls.tumblr.com Previews: freediapervideos.com
UK Nappy lovrer Looking for all the uk nappy lovers
Adventures In Un-Potty Training BabyTK here! Just a lonely and bored AB living in south east Michigan, Kik ( Loktharion ) blog is anything I find amusing and most is NSFW 18+
TAKE ME I'm a 'little' boy, who enjoys little/baby things. The blog is girl themed, because they're cuter, and I like pretty things.
Valoub DL Life isn't possible without sucking on my pacifier *____* Pacifier Addict for life
Versohlter Pampes Popo I love Pampis,spanking,Plugs and Pacifier Pampi Boy
Wander214 This tumblr is mostly for reposted pictures I have found on tumblr that I like and/or think are hot. Sometimes I post my own pictures. Let me know what you think!MaleIn a relationshipMostly straight, but I will be damned if I don't find guys in diapers...Diapers Are Fun! And Sexy!
We-All-Have-Naughty-Secrets Fantasies of a reckless mind. Daddy/baby boy to a beautiful crinklebug. Be good, babygirl.
Wet-Diapers Just some of the things that really get me going! My DL Blog
Diaper Lover Ssbbw &Amp; Diaper Lover
Wet and Messy Diapers Guys and girls in wet and/or messy diapers!
Wet Gurl Diapers
Wetlezzie I am a 33 year old single lesbian girl. Sorry guys but I am willing to talk to anyone really so ask me anything dirty as you like. I am also a big baby my main passion so other girls in diapers/ nappies, plastic pants and babywear really float my boat. I...
Wetness Lover Wet is good!
Wet Teddy Bear ABDL, Daddyfigure, switch, looking for his lilgirl for life. I'm a typical guy, but enjoys all aspects of age play, ABDL, and a few other kinks and fetishes. Always looking to talk to or meet safe, sane, like minded individuals and especially baby girl...