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The Moonlight Rebel Just lots of pretty adult baby girls. Any N.Irish Diaper Girls out there plz message me! ABDL Girls Turn Me On
The Padded Professional The adventures of a padded MBA student on the east coast
The Padded Punk Adventures of a punk-diaper boy on the East coast.
The Padded Puppy He/Him. 22yrs. Little Boy. Puppy. Sub. Owned and Collared by mermaid-tailsandsecrets. Chicago. This blog is NSFW and 18+ only. You can reach me on Fetlife at ThePaddedPuppy :)
The Petite Paddler I am just your average 30 year old woman of many interests.I am a daughter, a wife and a mother. I am a friend and companion to those to whom I owe debts of love. I am a dominant bisexual woman who enjoys multiple kinks which I enjoy sharing\u00a0here. I...
Thepizzafox Young, dumb, and full of pizza crumbs. This blog is full of kinkster stuff, porn gifs, random tech, and anything in general thats just a bit too weird for my regular blog. I'm a 24 year old who just moved to NYC for work. I love biking, Netflix, and rock...
The Real Babykat I am babykat the real babykat. Google is doing away with adult blogs so I am moving my blog here. Hope you injoy. Abdl diaper sissy captions
The Yellow Safe This is my blog for pictures and stories of girls wetting or pooping their pants and wearing diapers.
Thommy Dl im a 18 year old boy from the netherlands. i realy like to wear diapers. follow this account and enjoy my shared pictures :).
Thoughts From A Nappy Boy These are the posts that didn't quite make it through the SFW barrier of my main blog. Firstly, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask! Especially if they concern sex, relationships, anything ABDL, or any combination of the 3. I... Nappies, Honesty, and Sex
A Naughty Little Girl I'm a little girl. (26,f,uk) I love wearing nappies, being dominated, humiliated, punished etc and I love being babied. Feel free to say hello. This is an 18+ blog.
Enrique ab/dl photos the diaper lover
My Desires this is a NSFW BLOG 18 and older anyone under 18 please unfallow. Since I haven't been able to find a way to express my self in the real world what i have left is the Net I like a girl in diapers i would love to find one someday...
Toby's Toybox A padded bunny's place to show off cute diapers and skirts, maybe also bondage! Very NSFW and fetishy!
Toddlers Palace Diapergirls, cute diapers and other cute stuff
todl56 Only diapers and girls wetting
Tofbb77 Je suis un adulte qui parfois veux redevenir un BB Je porte des couches culottes et tout ce que peux avoir un BB ABDL
Something Corky DL of many years who got the Girlfriend to join in.
Tsuna Dl Welcome to my blog on the AB/DL World.
Tunnel boy Love diapers & adult babies