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NappiedMike Tall hypnotist and techno-geek. A gay man with a really kinky streak and love for being made to wear nappies/diapers.
Nappies 16 Girls in nappies, trans girls, sexy stuff. NSFW. Ask me anything :)
Beth's Kinky Page A blog showing the kinks of Baby Beth, a sissy baby with numerous likes, including nappies, spanking, sissies, bondage, panties and others https://fetlife.com/users/313010
Nappy Couple We are a adult nappy loving couple. some images are ours. we reblog what we like to see. You will not see any underage material on out blog.
Nappylad76 a nsfw collection of pictures I like mainly women in nappies/diapers. feel free to message if you like.
Nappy Lov nappy(diaper) lover, hey ever one my name is james or jimmy im abdl i love wearing nappies when ever i can i. i dont own thies picks unless other wises stated please reblog my post
Nappy Master I'm the Master of my wife who, when we get the chance, is my nappied Slave, my Bitch, my Fuck-toy and, if she tries to say or act otherwise, she gets punished. She'll learn to love it.
Nappy Sloth (+18) WARNING! This blog contains explicit, pornographic, material, it is therefore NOT SUITABLE FOR VIEWING BY MINORS!! About Me: I am a 35 year old from the Aust. I am a DL (Diaper Lover). I have worn...
Wet and More Being a diaper lover for many years now, I thought I may add something to the community.
Natalie Pooped Her Training Pants My name's Natalie, and I really like wearing diapers. Natalie the Baby
Daddy's Princess DDLG/BDSM blog ((18+ only)) Hey, I'm Kitty Claimed by Daddy I'm 100% sure I'm a Disney princess
Newly Weds Fetishes We are a young, newly married couple. Not that we're bored with sex, but we like to explore our kinky side, too. Pictures of our experiences may be posted, and we might just reblog what we'd like to try.
Nivek The Abdl This is a 18+ Blog! If you are under 18 leave asap. This is under the adult catigory. Feel free to message me on here, or on Twitter under Nivekheabdl.
No-Pants-Princess Welcome I'm a 26 (or 5) year old princess. I enjoy things like Hello Kitty, My Daddy, pretty dresses, sparkly things, and the such.
Nude Diaper Fi**t um euer Leben !
Nursery Lullabies Welcome to my nursery. =] I'm a 26 year old girl who likes AB/DL and age (based role) play. =P I'm not just an AB/DL, I also often enjoy age based role play as a girl aged 12-15 (depending on my mood) in sibling scenarios (older brother/younger sister)...
NYC Ageplay & ABDL I'm looking for a little / babygirl in the NYC area. I'm established, successful, well educated and have a great career. I know exactly what it is like to be a little and how to take care of one. I have lots of previous experience being a little, but I...
Stiff ones, Bulges, and Diapers Hi all! I'm a 20 year old collegeboy who is totally into diapers. this blog is basically everything that strikes my fancy, but don't expect a blog full of selfies, cause I don't have the confidence to put those on here. Still if you'd like to know what I...
Often In Nappies *NSFW* 18/21+ A very naughty boy that's often confined in nappies by his super-awesome girlfriend. UK based.
Onniebol I like to wear diapers and suck my thumb
Ovantouchi the beauty of a submissive girl. As the title already indicates, this blog is a place where I can express my feelings about the beauty of submissiveness. My attractions and desires are so diverse that probably not everybody will be comfortable with it....
Pacifier Love Germany - 18 You will find here Ageplay - ABDL - Diaperbondage and Cute Girls with PACIFIERS
Padded I'm Bi, and I'm into ABDL.