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Diaper Lover 1127 I'm a dl and slightly ab. Love baby diapers especially pampers and luvs. They still fit! Also enjoy binkies. :D any questions feel free to ask. :)
Diaper Lover12 NSFW 18+ only---Hello just a 26 yr old boy/man. I guess a bit in between and I like diapers, ageplay, most importantly girls, well I am a bit confused to it all with balancing this with the rest of my life. But have undoubtedly accepted it over the years,...
Diaper Lover42 I enjoy many things these are just a few. Stay if you enjoy them too.
Diaper Lover 18 or older blog! If you are younger than 18, please do not enter! I do not own any of these pictures unless i state otherwise. If you find your picture on here and want me to take it down, just let me know!
Diaper Lover Uk J stands for Jake and M stands for Marc. Marc is 20 ! I am 22! we share tumblr so adress whoever you wanna speak too :) .We live in the Uk and would love to chat/meet Dl's who also are in the UK !Kik- marcthedllover-marcJakee1711-jake
Diaper Man47 i have been wearing diapers for 10 years and love them i love wearing diapers
Diaper Peter I am a diaper lover and wearer. I also love to wear plastic pants. Last year I bought myself a CB6000 chastity device and I was hooked. I tried various other metal devices and my current device is a Mature Metal Jail Bird. Me and my girlfriend are loving...
Diaper Play Come wet your diaper here. We all like to do it too!
Diaper Princess Amber I love my pet + princesses + diapers!
Diaper Punk NSFW 18+ ONLY, OR LET ME KNOW YOUR NOT OLD ENOUGH SO I don't FOLLOW BACK AND GET IN TROUBLE FOR UNDERAGE HUBBUB.! Oregon born I'm 24, I'm a dude I like things, ALL the things!
Diapers-And-Beauty This blog is dedicated to my love of diapers. With an emphasis on beautiful pictures. Enjoy! 18+ NSFW
Diapers and Dudes NSFW (18+) Gay. Diaper Lover. Leather cub. 25. Wisconsinite, living in Minnesota.
Diapers Hi I go by the alias Blue-Haired Blake (because there's so many Blakes in the abdl community) You can call me BHB or whatever you really want.
Diapers and Other Stuff Hey My name Is Joe and I'm not your average guy. I've gone adventuring, Travelling, and all other kinds of ings. This Tumbler is my ABDL Haven among many other things I will post . I am into all sorts of Kinks and Fet's and Toys that my knowledge of the...
Diapers And Depravity Just a collection of everything that makes this contrasting mind tick. kik: kaltamkin Fetlife: kaltamkin
DLDylan Abdl Blog
DL Phil I'm Phil and I love diapers. I been a DL most of my life and would really like to have more friends who love diapers too. This blog is mostly diaper pics and some NSFW
Donnie Diaper Abdl Blog
TB/DL Well since you are all looking at this. Im a teen baby diaper lover. I don't mind if you ask questions or just simply want to say hi. I do not care what you ask. So fill up the box and I have kik just ask for it. Im a straight male of 20. I love Frozen but who wouldn't?