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daddyrwd I've always been a daddy, but recently my vanilla girl friend has been having me explore being little. It's become a fun bit of kink.
Daddys Princessxo ABDL blog from a 4yr old Little/Pet Girl Masochist This blog is verrrry NSFW
Daddys Squirmy Princess This is a DD/lg blog for me to indulge in my little side. I have a daddy who I love millions and I am 19 years old when I'm a big girl. My little age is anywhere between 1-5. This blog is mainly cute little stuff but sometimes is NSFW Baby Doll
Daddys Ageplay Realm Ageplay site for a 41 year old Daddy Dom, who is into Spanking and Diapers to name a few. Sometimes may even post real spanking pictures of my wifes butt after a spanking.
daddysaurusrex Welcome to Adultdiapers123! A blog dedicated to all those beautiful diapered women out there! My name is Jeff, I am a 18 year old male who is into babes that wear diapers. I will be posting pictures of others that do not belong to me, so if you see a...
Daddy Skullking Just a Minnesota Daddy that loves treating my little girl like the princess she is. I have been in/around the ab/dl community since the mid 90's, but have been interested in it since I was very young. My little princess just joined so you should follow...
DaddysLilBug I like jellybeans, naps, and my daddy @her-superhero
Daddyslilpumpkin10 Keep in mind that I am not responsible for any mean or rude comments. Post at your own risk.
Daddy's Little Dinosaur ♥ 21| abdl| kinksta ♥ ♥ dd/lg switch ♥ little bit about me;; i love cats and dinosaurs and new friends. this blog pertains to all of my innermost desires and fantasies, and a little bit of whatever else peaks my interest....
Daddyza Just an average guy that loves everything to do with abdl..
Dado0o French daddy, if you have any question, feel free to ask. =)
DailyDiapers ABDL Adults in diapers. part of the DailyDiapers family.
DaiperGirls Diapergirls
Darles loves Diapers First and foremost this is adult content, if you are under 18 please do not view or follow this page. If you follow this blog and your content is questionable I will block you. Anyway. I'm a 30 Year Old Daddy Dom of sorts that enjoys wearing and using...
Ddf Stories Porn Tumblr. Diaper, Dickgirl, Futanari, Cuckold, Captions
Deadno0B Just a little without a mommy. Diaper and Anime
Defectively Happy Diapers, Leotards, Swimsuits, And The Best Pics From My Collection
The Deviant Aardvark A solid armor on the outside but pure indecency and fetishistic deviance inside. A blog of the naughtiness that titillates!
Deviant Fun Life is full of the normal, the mundane, and the boring; let's explore and have fun! Let the wild rumpus begin!
Every Girl Should Be Diapered I am an adult male, but have been into diapers and "little" stuff (as well as opposite gender activities occasionally) since I was little.
Every Girl Should Be Diapered I am an adult male, but have been into diapers and little stuff (as well as opposite gender activities occasionally) since I was little. Guess I never quite grew up, the stuff just evolved with me. Yes, I am enamored with My Little Pony, and Rainbow...
Boys And Diapers my favorite pics
Diapee Boy I am a 24 year old diaper lover. I have been into diapers for a long time. I also love listening to and playing music. Ask me anything you like!
Diaperbot2000 Stuff I like. Mainly NSFW. Adults only please. Little Army outpost.
Diaper Brasil ABDL Diaper Brasil
Diaper Dennis Helping out Littles everywhere!!! Post which state you live in. Help somebody make a friend. I'll start, I'm in Maryland.