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Char-Char-Mander HI HI!!! my name is Amanda (20) but you can call me Mana ,and im an abdl, i just got into this stuff three years ago, anyway welcome to my little blog..
Charmcity Dl's Photo Blog Things that I like DL, a little AB and then some
Child Like Fuckup Trying to figure myself out again after being blind sided by (real) parenthood, trying to (hur dur) find myself in both my ageplaying and artistic identity. In a poly relationship with a ace non kinky person. Hella body image issues.
cineteloirinha Hi! My name is Maria. I'm ABDL girl and I love pacifiers. I love everything that involves pacifiers. I also like bottles and diapers. I love pacifier
Diaper Boy I am a boy from sweden who likes diapers
Cloth n plastic Bi sexual male thats really into cloth diapers and plastic pants. Anything AB/DL related. Boy on Boy, Girl on Girl, Girl on Boy on Girl, Boy on Girl on Boy. Sissy stuff. This will be a collection of anything that turns me on or I am curious about. don't...
Cody Diaper's Little Hangout 27 year old gay ABDL here! Located in Canada. Like sharing my life and anything else I find interesting. Feel free to message me :) Stay Wet N Messy xoxo Cody
Colonel Cluster I don't even know what this is for.
Colorado Abdl This was for me and my wife till she left me and took a big chunk of my heart im hopingthat through time and tumblr i can manage to move on
cookiegoesrawrrr Hola people's! My name is Cookie and this is my little blog. I am an Abdl cis-male who also likes to cross dress. Yes I am over 18. This blog mostly contains sfw content though there may be rare posts of NSFW content. I will be sharing a my experiences of...
Cotton And Plastic You must be 18+ to view this material. My blog is a collection of photos gathered from other bloggers on Tumblr in the ABDL community. The photos favor those using cloth diapers with plastic pants.
Couche Diaper Loveur voici mon tumblr, mes envies, mes kiffs, tout ce que jaime, les couches, collants bdsm, pisse etc....
Country Boy9414 hi im drew im a full out country boy but i also have another side of me i wont ever give up i am a (little) or a little baby boy(2year old) i am who i am so pwease don't judge :D
Crack In The Apple Thanks for stopping by, Im a mid 20s guy in Houston that has a AB/DL Fetish. I have played both roles. I enjoy wearing, but I work best as a daddy. Would love to meet others in the area and see where it leads. Look me up on fetlife: Hulk-in-Huggies
Crinkle Dl Scroll down, you'll figure it out.
Crotalus Horridus STANDARD WARNING: THIS BLOG IS NSFW AND 18+. Hi! my name's Bobby. I'm a bi, ab sissy boy livin in New England. 30 years old, 24/7 diaper wearer. Stoner, Gamer, writer, and little adventurer! I love to hear from you guys! so send me messages! I always...
Cry Baby Dustin I'm a 38 year old prissy diaper boy who is 5 2 tall. I love being a helpless submissive diaper boy to Dominant Women and Alpha Males.
Cushies Boy13 My Diapered Life. I'm 22 years old and an AB/DL. I love Star Wars, Doctor Who, Supernatural - anything nerdy really. I also love cartoons (if you're curious which ones, just ask), stuffed animals, and wearing diapers. This blog will have stuff that I like as I'm scrolling...
Cute Diaper Girls On this Tumblr page I reblog the diaper-pictures that I like. Most of the pictures will show the complete diaper girl, not just a diapered ass ;). With a few exceptions, all the girls are wearing real diapers, and not pull-ups.
My adult baby girl This blog contains images that are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18, please leave. This is the life of a submissive baby girl who is more than 21. She loves diapers and submission. Absolutely nothing to do with kiddy porn...
DaddyAndyUK Hi All, I am Andy, 36, originally from Oldham near Manchester, now living in Stockport UK. I have been involved in the ageplay / little / adult baby world for about 20 years.
Daddy Fists Me This is a South Aussie ABDL babygirl blog belonging to Anaranth (feel free to call me that, or Dafime!)I'm a super feminine, little, baby, furry, sub, (trying) domme, porn obsessed, bimbo, puppy, diaper girl. ENJOY! :)You'll find pictures of me and Daddy...
Daddy With No Little my name is greg and have been lucky a few times but not lucky enough to have found the right oneweb counter
Deeper Blue ABDL blog. None of the copyright belongs to me. If you want something removed just ask! Cheers!
Diaper Lover I'm a 20 year old diaper lover in college just finding myself. I wear as often as i can using Wallgreens offbrand diapers.
Diaper I Need A Diaper On Me Mommy? Will You Be My Mommy?