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Ageplay Is Adorable Girls in cute outfits, diapers, pull-ups, goodnites, ruffles, lace, pastels, pacifiers, oh my! The more adorable you are, the more you turn me on. The smaller you seem, the more you retreat into yourself, the more it makes me hard. Where I should feel...
Ageplay247 Be patient. I can not do this than. but here's the deal ageplaying and diaperpics.
Akinklecrinkle 18+ blog. let me know if you'd like me to take something down i sometimes make captions of sissy/abdl/feminization/largebreasts/breastfeeding fetish sometimes, and other (most) times i reblog my favorite content.
Alex Hubbers thing that I find lots of fun
A Little Girl And Her Squishy 18+ Blog, if you're not 18 or older you will be blocked. A DD/LG blog, with some BDSM sprinkled in along with a cornucopia of cute things. 22 year old submissive with a 26 year old switch Daddy. We're always up for making friends. Feel free to message...
Alittleravenclaw Hey there! You have reached my blog. I'm an ABDL, Harry Potter fan and hopefully a fairly nice guy? Most of my posts here will be ABDL-related, but we shall see how it goes. I know my blog is mostly related to ABDL, but I promise there is more to me than...
Andrea Rossi 984 My Life in diaper DL
Angel With Pie A blog for Supernatural and all the other stuff I like.
Anime Lover Anddl087 DL (diaper lover) and anime otuko. Lots of Anime and Diapers
Kawaii baby girl I'm a trans baby girl I have been on Hormones for a few years now, and have been developing rather well. I have an amazing hubby/daddy who loves to take care of me, and treat me like a princess. I like cute things, pink things, baby stuff, kitties,...
Anti Potty Training Hey, everybody! You can call me Stinkerbell! :) I'm a 20 something year old AB boy who absolutely LOVES anything abdl related. If you want to know anything about me just ask, I love making new friends, and I'm on Fetlife too so if you want to friend me...
Arialgirl Daddy's Gir
A Sexy Little Libertarian NSFW 18+. Hiya. This is my secret place to post all kinds of random stuff I like. I'm asexual yet kinky as I'm a little. Which means I like ageplay, diapers, stuffed animals, pajamas, cuddling, soft blankets, bathtime, rainbows, colorful and cutesy..
Asian Boy Dl A 25 years old Asian boy who lives in Indonesia. Prefer wearing diapers than underwear. 50% gay, 40% DL, and 10% AB. Forfex77 is my boyfriend. Kik: asianboydl
Awesome Dpry So...I wear diapers and take pictures...ok?Just a guy, wearing diapers...
Baambie Eyes i love cute things, cinderella, lana del rey, cartoons & being spanked, but getting spoiled too :)
Bebe Diapee Abdl Blog
Luiers En Ageplay Luiers En Ageplay
The Pacifier Lover - Binky Boi I am a 20 year old pacifier lover / adult baby. Male. I will post sex stuff every now and then, but don't be offended. If you don't like my blog or the fact that I'm proud of who I am, then please get out.
Diaper Fun Abdl Blog