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ABDLjoshieboi Hey there! name's JD aka Josh :) Let's see, I never really like doing these type of things as I end up making this too weird and awkward, lol... anyways, currently I reside in Honolulu, Hawaii... those tiny islands you probably can't see on the map far...
Abdl Spanking Adult Baby Spanking
Abdreams 18+ nsfw Follow me for ABDreams.com samples and fun candid pictures! :-) My fetish is age play and diapers. ABDreams.com official tumblr
Dummy Lover Dummy /Paci Interracial Couple Lover
The ABGussy Experience Official Tumblr of ABGussy.comFor those that don't know me, I'm Gus. I'm kinky as fuck.Most of my kink interests are in the realm of AB/DL and age play but also fall into spanking and other BDSM play as well so that's what you'll find primarily on my...
ABJane A submissive ABDL girl collared by the world's best Dom: DaddySpacey. Twitter: @ABJane
Ab Michael My Favorites
aboimikey Hello! ^-^ My name is Mikey and I'm a diaper boy. I'm an AB. I post about ABDL stuff and cute diaper boys. Ask me anything, I love to answer. I have a few links in the menu bar at the top, which include stuff like pics of me, videos , ABDL stories, ABDL...
Ab Pooh AB from MX, I like having many friends who also like diapers and talk with them. Ask me anything
AB Princess Just a grown up (18+) princess who's 3 at heart with a story to tell about a love of diapers and all things little and purple.
Ab Princess This is a NSFW blog and if you're under the age of 18, DO NOT FOLLOW OR REBLOG. Just a grown up (18+) princess who's 3 at heart with a story to tell about a love of diapers and all things little and purple. So grab a sippy cup and a plushie and gather...
Ab Ricky A blog about an adult diaper boy
A Blog of a Diaper Lover Just a straight male DL here, you'll probably find ABDL related material here, if that offends you or you are unsure what that is maybe...
Adidaslover-Nl This subject is for 18+ only. If there are any copyright holders.. please let me know.. i will remove them. Diaper time
admro23 Welcome to my page, likely filled with my hugest turn-ons; Diapers, Pet-Play, Anal, Bondage, Humiliation, Wetting, and likely more. There may be occasional nerdy things, or perhaps bunnies pop up here and there, but yeah. I'm huge into art, music,...
Adultbabygirl ABDL Diapered Ladies & DDLG
Baby Jessi This Blog is only for adults 18+ I am adult baby from Germany
Baby Evan Abdl Blog
Roleplay Baby Girl I'm an online, ABDL roleplay girl looking for story-based roleplay. I don't have original content (yet); I just retumbl images that make me jealous that I don't have that outfit!
Baby Pampers Abdl Blog
Baby Rokr 25 year old ABDL
Goodnites 2 Bambinos This is my secret blog, where I can feel free to be myself! I love to see that others out in this great big scary world, share how I feel about being a little and getting their diaper changed!
Bby Bny The bABy Life's For Me